You'll be most productive on this task in the morning

This task isn't important, you should delegate this task

The to-do list that helps you get more done

Onelist Twolist helps you know what to work on when and what to delegate - so you can be more productive than ever.

Get More Done Today

Onelist Twolist is packed with features that help you get more done, without working harder

Know what to work on

Onelist Twolist helps you understand which tasks you should be working on.

Know when to work on it

Onelist Twolist tells you what to prioritize and what to leave for later.

Know what to delegate

Onelist Twolist helps you spot the tasks that waste your time.

Executive Assistant Built-In

Need another pair of hands? Onelist Twolist has Executive Assistant support built-in.

You're more focused in the morning

You should do this task now

Make every day your best day

Onelist Twolist suggests the right tasks to work on, at the right time - helping you avoid procrastination.

Using Artificial Intelligence we'll match your most productive, creative and focused periods with your to-do list to help you speed through your tasks like never before.

This task is low priority

Know what to prioritize and what to offload

Not all tasks are equal. Onelist Twolist magically sorts your to-do list into priority order, and even shows you which tasks you should delegate to others.

Delegate tasks quickly and easily

Delegating tasks to others can be tricky, but Onelist Twolist makes it as easy as simply dragging a task from your list to theirs. Drag, and it's delegated.

Get full visibility over delegated tasks and request updates in one click. Chat seamlessly about the task.

Built-in Assistant

Don't have anyone to delegate to? Onelist Twolists gives you a real, experienced assistant to do the tasks that waste your time.

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