How can Onelist Twolist help me get more done?

Onelist Twolist does this in a few ways, on top of being an easy to use place to store your to-do list. First, it helps you organize your to-do list and prioritize your tasks. Second, it matches the tasks on your list with the best time of day for you to work on them, based on your unique working patterns. Finally, it makes delegating tasks to other people easy by helping you identify tasks to delegate, making delegating them easy and even providing you with a build-in experienced Executive Assistant to do the tasks that waste your time.

Do I have to pay for Onelist Twolist?

We offer a limited free plan but you need to pay a monthly subscription to unlock some of our most powerful features. You can try our paid plans for free.

Can I use Onelist Twolist with my team?

Yes, you can create user accounts for your team members which will give them the full functionality of Onelist Twolist, allow you to delegate to them and make it easy to work on projects together.

How is Onelist Twolist different to other to-do lists or project management tools?

Onelist Twolist isn't just a to-do list or project management tool - it proactively helps you to be your most productive. If you're an entrepreneur with a big to-do list, Onelist Twolist will make a big difference.

Can I collaborate using Onelist Twolist?

Yes, our paid plans have built-in collaboration tools like the ability to add team members, permissions and shared or project lists.

How does Onelist Twolist know what tasks I should work on?

Onelist Twolist uses Artificial Intelligence and the principles behind the Eisenhower Matrix to determine which tasks you should work and at what time. We study your unique daily work patterns and use these to suggest what tasks you should do, at what time.

How does Onelist Twolist help me delegate?

Delegating is hard, but Onelist Twolist makes it easier in three ways. First, we help you spot which tasks to delegate. Second, we make it as easy as simply dragging a task to delegate. Finally, we make it really easy to stay up-to-date of the tasks you've delegated, so you never lose track.

How does Onelist Twolist help me organize my to-do list?

Onelist Twolist helps you organize your to-do list into tasks you should do now, tasks you can save until later, tasks you should delegate to someone else and tasks that you should either delegate or delete (happy days!).

How does Onelist Twolist take payments?

Onelist Twolist takes payment using Stripe so you can be assured we'll handle your payment in a secure way. You can choose between monthly or annual payment.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time. Your account will remain live until you are next due to be billed. Bear in mind on an annual plan, your account may remind live for some time.

Can I get a discount if I pay annually?

Yes, you can get a great discount by purchasing your plan on an annual, rather than monthly, basis. Find out more on our pricing page.

What support is available?

We offer full support from our dedicated team. In most cases your support request will be dealt with by the team of engineers who built Onelist Twolist, so you can be assured of an expert response.

Is there support on the free plan?

There is limited support available on the free plan - we will always prioritize our paid clients and offer premium support to those clients. That said, email us and we'll do our best to assist you.

Can I call you?

Not at the moment, because we work remotely and don't have a call center. Please email us and if we need to speak to you to resolve your issue, we'll call you.