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We started Onelist Twolist because we wanted to help entrepreneurs feel better about their to-do list. Since we started, we've helped thousands of entrepreneurs get over two million tasks done in a better way.

It's a fact: To-do lists are only getting bigger. As entrepreneurs, we have more to do than ever before, and less time to do it. We want to make it easier.

Entrepreneurs have tried to manage their to-do lists for years, that's why millions rely on sites and services to help them do it. The problem is having somewhere to store your to-do list isn't enough.

For entrepreneurs the difference between success and failure is working on the right tasks at the right time. That's why we build a to-do list that helps you understand exactly what you should do now and what you can safely leave until later.

Millions of entrepreneurs struggle with procrastination and distraction as they try and work through their to-do list. So we designed a to-do list that uses your unique daily routine to match tasks on your to-do list with the most productive times for you to do them.

Next up, many entrepreneurs struggle with delegating to others, resulting in an overwhelming mountain of work to do and lack of time and focus on growing their businesses. So we designed Onelist Twolist, from the ground up, to make delegating much easier. Whether it's helping you spot tasks you should delegate, making delegating as easy as simply dragging tasks between lists or helping you keep a close eye on the tasks you delegate to others we've thought about everything you need to delegate successfully.

Finally, we noticed that, for many, executive assistants and secretaries are a thing of the past and many entrepreneurs don't have anyone to delegate to. So we built-in experienced, vetted and tested Executive Assistants into our platform - who'll do the tasks that waste your time for a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house assistant.

We hope you enjoy using Onelist Twolist - we can't wait to help you achieve more.

Barns, Neil and Kin

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